I continue to build muscle, reduce fat and increase my fitness

When I first started training with Nikki I had been out of my exercise routines for a long time and was struggling with chronic joint pain and chronic illness. Nikki’s approach to personal training helped me develop and maintain new exercise routines, consistently improve in a supportive and comfortable environment, and develop strength and stamina that have significantly improved my quality of life.

Nikki has always been attuned to my capabilities and limits. Initially, she gently pushed me in way that did not stress me out but allowed me to improve. We have now been training together for a year and although physical progress is never linear she always helps me to improve my fitness (and my mood) through a combination of empathy and motivation. I always get a good work out and I always feel like she meets me where I’m at. I continue to build muscle, reduce fat and increase my fitness at a rate that is healthy for me.

Nikki is very knowledgeable about exercise and the body, and she creates exercise routines that noticeably develop overall strength, coordination and stamina. I am a busy professional and I always find that my hour with Nikki is efficient and worthwhile. Nikki’s approach targets overall fitness, and I am more able to engage in all aspects of life because of my weekly sessions with Nikki.

Mollie Deyong