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One-On-One Personal Training

When it comes to personal training – everyone is different.

As a Certified Personal Trainer with a professional background in Exercise Science, I work with you to design a plan, custom tailored, to meet your body’s unique needs.

Helping you achieve your best self.

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Small Group Training – max 6

Small group training – a more personalized exercise experience in an energetic, motivating environment – with like minded people!

This class focuses on strengthening & sculpting muscles of the lower body and core. The combination of callisthenics, resistance equipment & core ‘sliders’ is sure to strengthen & tone your legs, glutes & core in this fast paced, high energy class!

This class is designed to strengthen & tone muscles of the upper body. It will help you sculpt muscle & add definition through the use of a variety of resistance equipment.

This class combines the most effective exercises to help you tighten & tone the entire body right down to the core, all in one class!

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H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is proven to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat, sculpt your body & build endurance. Interval training alternates between short bouts of high and low intensity exercise to create a fast paced, high energy class that will be sure to make you sweat!

HIIT not only burns more calories during the workout because of the high intensity, but your body actually continues to burn calories at a higher rate for up to 36 hours after the workout is complete, so you get a lot more bang for your buck!

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Nutrition Coaching

“A poor diet will always overpower the greatest workout!” Our bodies are like machines, they need good clean fuel to run properly & achieve optimal health. Proper nutrition is often a neglected part of a health & fitness program and is a key component in achieving fitness goals.

Nutrition Coaching at Kinetic is based upon Precision Nutrition’s
research-based, integrated approach to health.

First, we look at your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals, then help you develop a plan that fits your body and your life. (and spoiler alert: it isn’t all about salads!)

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